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I was reading an interesting post the other day about using Spotify or other online music services in place of hiring a DJ for your wedding. Now, I’m all about saving a buck and yes, I do think I have fabulous taste in music, but when it comes to my special day, I don’t want to think about any technological malfunctions; whether I’ve got the clean or explicit versions downloaded (because when I stream music, I want the original versions, thank you very much, but I don’t want to have to worry about the younger ears in my family hearing some inappropriate language during the wedding reception); or wondering if my friend is going to get the music cues right.

What if they play “Pour Some Sugar on Me” instead of “What a Wonderful World” for the first dance (epic fail!)?

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I know when we were planning our wedding, getting the right DJ was a huge part of our reception plans. I wanted a good selection of music, I wanted to dance with my friends and husband, and I wanted things to run smoothly. I made sure to meet with the DJ to get a sense of whether or not I liked them and whether or not they could provide the music I wanted, and I felt confident and comfortable that they would do what I asked and not take attention away from
me and husband, because, let’s be honest here, it’s OUR day, not the DJ’s.

I think that, in reading this article, sure, she comes up with a potentially viable solution if you don’t want to hire a DJ. Would I choose that option? Absolutely not. I do think that there are major pitfalls around this, most notably putting the pressure on a friend or sibling or distant family cousin to be in charge of handling the music playlist and following your cues. How do you even know when everything is “supposed” to happen during your reception? If we didn’t have the DJ, I wouldn’t know what we were doing when. You have to be greeting your guests, getting photos taken, hopefully getting a chance to eat and have a drink, have your first dance, have the wedding party dance, dances with your parents, cut the cake…I needed someone to essentially tell me what to do and when on my wedding day (I haven’t been married before; I needed someone to tell me how it all worked!), and that person was the DJ. He made things run smoothly and kept everyone entertained. I don’t see how a non-professional could do the same. I know, for me, creating a playlist and then handing it off to a friend and putting all that pressure on them to get it right would not be the right way to go; I’d likely lose a friend, and I’d be stressed the whole time that they’d screw something up.

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Sheesh…I’m getting stressed just thinking about this.
Surely, it makes sense to go to a professional who can discuss your musical tastes with you, plan the reception out in advance, and when it comes time for your reception, you can just go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Weddings are stressful enough; the last thing you need to do is to create more stress for yourself. Leave it to a professional, and enjoy yourself.

By Alan Waltz

Born in Detroit Michigan, Alan has had a love of music from an early age. From playing in his High School Marching band, to playing in front of large audiences at Walt Disney World, Alan feels fortunate to be able to turn his passion into his business. Recently he has been staying busy writing and producing music for TV and Film. Now that in-person events are returning he’s looking forward to helping people realize their vision by providing high quality DJ’s, lighting and photo booths for all occasions.   



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