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Photo Booths

Every photo booth rental includes: Props (So you can get silly), Instant Prints (duplicates too!), and a trained event technician to ensure no technical malfunctions occur throughout the duration of the event. Clients will be provided with a digital copy of all the photos after the event, allowing you to save all the captured precious memories for posterity. 

Professional Custom Uplighting

Incorporating lighting dramatically enhances the look of any venue and allows you to personalize your event space. Transform the look of any room with up lighting, highlight the tables and centerpieces with accent lighting, bring the dance floor to life with effect lights, create personalization with customized monogram lighting and add glamour with special effects.

Video Screen and Projector

We have a variety of different sizes of screens to project memories on! We also have powerful projectors that do not require a screen but can be projected clearly on a blank wall!

Monogram Projection

Your initials, your company logo, or even your name can be projected onto either the wall, floor, or even the ceiling!

Green Screen Photos

Green Screen Photography is an exciting way of producing Special Effects – Hollywood style- photographs of your guests then they choose any background they want. A computer program digitally replaces the green background with any photo, design, or graphics from hundreds of different options

Wireless Microphones

We use only the best quality brands. We based our choices by copying important figures (like Presidential candidates) who need great quality sound on a consistent basis with minimal chance of technical failure

Multiple Sound Systems for Multiple Areas

We have so many A/V options for parties, whether it’s 20 people or 20,000 people, that it wouldn’t be possible to list them all. Call us today – We can recommend and provide the right equipment to suit your needs.

Laser/Strobe Lighting

Create an inviting space that adds excitement and keeps your guests dancing all night. Flood the dance floor with vibrant beams and laser effects that move to the beat of the music.

LED Video Wall

Our LED video wall technology has the ability to deliver seamless images, is scalable to any size or shape, and provides excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle.

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