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Does your DJ know what music to play.. and what NOT to play at your wedding?

Believe it or not, but the music at your wedding sets the reception’s tone, and it takes a pretty good amount of prep work. Good DJ’s should let you select songs for the second your first guest walks through the door until the last guest exits at the end of the night. A talented wedding DJ has to be able to read the crowd – not only with what to play, but what not to play. Have you ever been on the dance floor and you hear your favorite song that gets you dancing only for it to be slowly transitioned into a slow dance? There is no quicker way to kill the vibes on the dance floor than with the inability to read the crowd.


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Of course, you’ll have selected your favorite must- play songs, the songs for your first dances and those special events, but a great DJ will be able to play the perfect combination of music to entertain (and not offend) the 7 year old ring bearer, the 90 year old grandma, and everyone in between. Spotify may be able to play music for six hours straight, but when it comes to a wedding, sometimes it is just not that easy.

DJ’s need to coordinate with EVERY single vendor.

The DJ is typically hired by the couple, but coming from our experience, it’s just as crucial for the DJ to maintain a strong relationship with the couple and their selected vendors. After all, we are all working together to make sure you two have the best experience and the wedding you’ve dreamed for. A great DJ should take it upon themselves to contact the venue beforehand to get the lay of the land, figure out load in/out directions, ask questions about power sources, outlets, noise restrictions, etc. The DJ will also want to work closely with the wedding planner day-of to make sure the timeline is still accurate and that people are actually ready for the events that are scheduled to take place. The DJ waits for the cue from the wedding planner who waits for the cues from the couple, photographer, videographer, catering team, etc. If you eliminate the planner (which we do not suggest;) then the DJ has to be able to communicate every event on a timely fashion with EVERY vendor. They can’t start the introductions, first dance, or sparkler exit if you’re both not prepped, in placement, and everyone is ready to go. If a venue or a planner has a DJ that checks all the boxes, you better believe that they are going to be HIGHLY recommending them.

Thinking about hiring a Wedding DJ? Here’s some things to consider.

The venue, the dress, the flowers, the food, the cake, the decor – all of those things will be beautiful and will create your wedding ambiance. Those pictures will last forever. But your DJ and entertainment will bring your celebration to life and create the forever memories of your guests and their experience. Martha Stewart once said, “the music entertainment you select for your wedding or party is responsible for 80% of the events success and the memories you’ll have for the rest of your life.” Truer words could not have been spoken!

A Wedding DJ should be a professional!

For those who have decided to have their friends DJ their wedding, we would think that they would get to also act as a guest at your wedding – drinking, hanging out with other guests, walking away from their DJ table, etc. Professional wedding DJs are the opposite- they are professional, they come with a change of clothes and sometimes even a sandwich so they don’t have to get up to eat dinner (although we recommend feeding them a hot meal for all of the hard work that they do!) They remain professional, relaxed and in control of any situation that may arise; you’ll never see a good DJ sweat even if they make an honest mistake and play the wrong song at the wrong time. They will take the job more serious than you could imagine and you can allow your talented DJ friends to sit back and relax – they got this!

Wedding DJs’ are ready and efficient.

A professional wedding DJ has their own equipment, and doesn’t need to rely on the venue to provide. They know their equipment like the back of their hand and come ready to set up. They will test the sound with the microphones, adjust as needed, ensuring you get the best sound possible from all angles. Some provide lighting, backup equipment, and will have everything covered even when it comes to the “what ifs.” They’ll come with your timeline, have your list of songs loaded, the names of those who will be introduced (they even come with name pronunciations!), their own table and linen, and even lights (if included in their package) to create the ambiance of your dreams! Background music will be on before your guests arrive, reception speakers will be setup will be all set and they will just wait for the wedding planner’s cue for go time

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DJ’s are good listeners and make planning stress free.

After all, it is your wedding day, so a good DJ should listen to your wants and needs, as well as your wishes and expectations to help create your perfect reception. Not only should they listen and engage in providing the sound to your vision, but they will ask questions and even make recommendations if need be. Weddings are stressful enough and once you hire a professional DJ, a huge weight WILL be lifted off your shoulders. It’s your big day, one you’ve dreamed about for so long, and honestly, you shouldn’t have to worry about trying to fit in the first dance, father/ daughter, mother/son, anniversary dance, and announcing cake cutting after the words I do. It’s your turn to hang out with your favorite people, enjoy your marriage, and let them take control of all of the important events in the evening. It’s time for you both to mingle with your guests and not worry about timing and who’s going to get everyone’s attention for what’s next.

By Alan Waltz

Born in Detroit Michigan, Alan has had a love of music from an early age. From playing in his High School Marching band, to playing in front of large audiences at Walt Disney World, Alan feels fortunate to be able to turn his passion into his business. Recently he has been staying busy writing and producing music for TV and Film. Now that in-person events are returning he’s looking forward to helping people realize their vision by providing high quality DJ’s, lighting and photo booths for all occasions.   



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