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Any DJ can play music, but what you should really focus on is their ability to be your host of the ceremony and reception, as the master of ceremonies. Your ceremony will most likely require a set up somewhere else then where the reception is, which will need a microphone for the officiant, couple, and even any possible readers or speakers.

They will play pre-seating music, turn the volume of the microphone down to make any announcements, and transition each song; the song that the family walks down to, the groom walks down to, the wedding party, and the bride. They will amplify the volume during the recessional and also play your hype song after you’re pronounced Mr. + Mrs. If someone doesn’t specialize in weddings, this is a HUGE opportunity to not have enough equipment or know the proper timing and cues of when each song needs to be plated.

What happens after the ceremony? Usually guests migrate to cocktail hour, which is in a completely different area than the ceremony and that speaker needs to be ready to go for the guests arrival. Have you ever been to a quiet cocktail hour with no music? *Crickets* You won’t forget how awkward that felt, right? Once cocktail hour is over you may have 100-200 people that have been drinking and now you need them to find the seating chart, find the reception area, and find their seat. What’s the best way to make this happen? Your DJ, of course! He can easily announce where every location is and herd your guests inside for dinner within a blink of an eye.

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Your DJ will be the one making ALL of the special announcements, such as introducing the wedding party AND the bride and groom for the first time into the reception. They will announce how dinner is going to work, whether guests need to stay seated or release tables through the buffet line. They will cue first dances and get everyone’s attention – they will even fade out the songs for all of the dances after a minute or two, if you’re just not into dancing. They will be introducing the people who are making toasts, calling up the fathers + mothers for the traditional dances, announcing cake cutting, as well as garter toss, bouquet toss, exit, etc. If you think just any DJ can grab the attention of 100 guests, after four hours of drinking, to line up for a sparkler exit – good luck. It takes a special breed of a professional and that is not something a Spotify playlist can conduct!

By Alan Waltz

Born in Detroit Michigan, Alan has had a love of music from an early age. From playing in his High School Marching band, to playing in front of large audiences at Walt Disney World, Alan feels fortunate to be able to turn his passion into his business. Recently he has been staying busy writing and producing music for TV and Film. Now that in-person events are returning he’s looking forward to helping people realize their vision by providing high quality DJ’s, lighting and photo booths for all occasions.   



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