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Times are tough, and everyone is feeling the pinch, particularly if you are now facing the cost of a wedding. But, what are some ways to cut costs (and still have the day of your dreams)?
Think about the most important parts of your wedding day (and the lead-up to your wedding) and what you might be able to scale back on or eliminate altogether. Prioritize what’s most important to you if you’re looking to keep to a budget:

• Is where you hold the reception the most important, or could you find a smaller, non-traditional space (or even a different room in your dream venue. It’s amazing how just a different room in a venue could be hundreds or thousands of dollars cheaper!)?

• Is your dress the most important, or could you find a vintage dress, one on eBay, or one from last year?

• Is your wedding cake the most important, or could a friend who’s a dab hand at baking create one for you?

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As an entertainment company, we know how important it is to factor a DJ into your wedding budget. In some areas, you don’t have much choice, but in the Bay Area, you’ve got a lot of DJs to choose from. Some may be cheaper, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you the reception you’re hoping for. “Budget DJs” are less likely to be reliable and may very well end up cancelling at the last minute if they get a better paying job. Do you really want to take a chance on your reception being ruined by an amateur? Talk with us about how Alan Waltz Entertainment can fit into your budget. We have packages for everyones price point.

By Alan Waltz

Born in Detroit Michigan, Alan has had a love of music from an early age. From playing in his High School Marching band, to playing in front of large audiences at Walt Disney World, Alan feels fortunate to be able to turn his passion into his business. Recently he has been staying busy writing and producing music for TV and Film. Now that in-person events are returning he’s looking forward to helping people realize their vision by providing high quality DJ’s, lighting and photo booths for all occasions.   



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